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Sheikh Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmad Maikano is a true and faithful scholar whose interest lied mainly in prayers (solar both obligatory and optional) remembrance of Allah (Azkar ), repentance and seeking for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah (Istigfar ), habitual reading of the Holy Quran ,saying numerous”Durood” upon the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and making research.All these habitual deeds are Quranic and traditionally prophetic.Sheikh Maikano was born on the 13th November,1928 in Aborso Ghana .

He passed away on the 12th September2005 in Aborso Ghana (Aged 77).He was well known in the Islamic community,Ghana west Africa and elsewhere for his extreme bravery and dedication to Islam.He devoted his whole life in the service of Allah.Preachin and calling people to the path of Allah (SWT).

He inherited all these from his parents and grandparents,who were immigrants of Futa Djallo.His father was Sheikh Ahmad Badawi (R.A) and sayyada Zainab being the name of his mother.1948,Spreading The Wings Of Tariqatul Tijjanya ,Sheikh Maikano started spreading the wings of Tariqatu Tijjaija long before he visited Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass in Kaolack which means Sheikh Maikano knew,accepted and believed in him ever before Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass became widely recognised in Africa as a whole and in Senegal in particular.Maulana Maikano (R.A) suffered greatly for the establishment and spread of Tijaniya in our various localities,where ever u go in Africa or the world in general.

In some part of the world the Tijaniya Muslim ummah there got his contributions through his students .for instance Nasru Faida in Germany,kumasi ,Tamale and Yendi are some of the main cities in Ghana where Sheikh Maikano suffered greatly for establishment,growth and spread of Tijaniya .out of the thousand and one contributions of Sheikh Maikano only a few have been collected and written.1948 was the first visit of Sheikh Maikano to Kaolack.

The trip of Sheikh Maikano was triggered after he read a book written by Sheikhul Islam Alhaj Ibrahim Nyass .the book was entitled”Kashiful llbass”.His father got him a copy of this book from Sheikh Muhammad Haadi .

After reading the book ,he stood up and said “I have no time to waste but to visit the author of this book”.The entourage who went to Kaolack with Sheikh Maikano to visit Inyass were Nine in number ,they were known as “THE BIG NINE.

After their return,Sheikh Maikano and his entourage testified to the Ghanaian Muslim Community that Sheikh Nyass was truly the Khailifa of Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani.what a great leader !May your gentle Soul

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