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Sheikh Seyyid Aliyu Cisse {Babul Adara}
An accomplished khadim kabir, scholar, known for his erudition and the simplicity of his lifestyle, his patience & compassion.

Sayyid AliCisse (d.1981), was the friend and
spiritual successor (khalifa) of Shaykh Ibrahim, and was married to Fatima Zahra Niasse, the eldest daughter of Shaykh Ibrahim.

The Cisse lineage is thought to be one of the oldest Muslim scholarly families in West Africa,tracing their descent from the first converts to Islam in the ancient kingdom of Ghana in the eleventh century.

The eldest daughter of Shaykh Al-Islam Ibrahim(Baye) Niass. Fatimah Zara, a hafiza Al-Quran was married to his top student and successor Shaykh Sayid Ali Cisse until his death in the late 80’s.

Together they are the parents of Shaykh Hassan Cisse, Shaykh Tijani Cisse and Shaykh Muhamadou Mahy Cisse. Known to the mureeds of Medina Baye as Ya Fatou (Mother Fatou) until this day she is well kept and visited frequently by her sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sheikh Aliyu Cisse {Babul Hadrah} biography is liking to Ali ibn AbuTalib (Door of the city of
knowledge). Sheikh Aliyu cisse is khadim kabir of Maolana sheikh Baye Nyass RTA. He had been serving his Master {Baye Nyass RTA} through his father sheikh abdullahi inyass R.T.A

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