Changing The Narrative: Hamza Kwame Sahadu Eyes UGSRC President

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The unequivocal moment in new students leadership as far as the University of Ghana’s  Students’ Representative Council(SRC) is concern has unreservedly ripped.

Students undoubtedly at the Apex University of Ghana in respect to seniority, age factor and most likely knowledgeability as some may put it is concerned is in a distressful moment. This moment requires a mighty vessel stronger and tougher than the “titanic” and most importantly durable than OceanGate  recently imploded submersible.

As earlier stated,  time and season for students leadership on University of Ghana campus has reached it’s expiry season, new students with competence, capacity and students interest  at heart are needed to climb the topmost role.

Among the heated portfolios is the UGSRC President position which Hamza Kwame Sahadu has been tipped by many and unreservedly stands tall as he push an agenda  that resonate more with the student masses.

Hamza Kwame Sahadu after pushing for countless UG students interest and concerns in the past including accountability, probity, better security, improved Wi-Fi connection and many others, has realized the need to go for the UGSRC President position to better help students.

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality”, as rightfully stated by Martin Luther King, the Hamza UGSRC Presidential ambition seeks to address the students interest with similar passion.

Already calls has been made by a quantum of students for the masses to rally their support behind Hamza Kwame Sahadu to win the University of Ghana SRC elections as he can do the work.

Article By: Osman Nuhu

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