Wizkid Charged Organizers 800k For Accra Concert

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According to reports Nigerian singer Wizkid, charged Organizers for his Accra Live Concert $800,000.

What has made this a big a issue is not the amount but the fact that wizkid himself failed to turn up for the show even though he was provided with all the adequate logistics.

Wizkid cited safety as one of the reasons why he failed to turn up for the show.

Entertainment Journalist, Arnold Asamoah Baido in a Facebook post wrote,

Artiste Performance Fee – US$800,000
Travel Allowance – US$ 25,000

-Performance fee for supporting acts
– Venue
– Logistics
– Ticketing
– Promotion/Marketing albeit lackluster

Results: lukewarm project, bad press, ruined reputation and possibility of refund.

Question: Would you, as an investor, give this venture another try if you had the chance?

There’s a piece for every player and all the cheerleaders; it’s coming!


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